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Keep Calm & Carry Out

Updated: Mar 27

A diary of the Corona virus threat and our small Saint Paul restaurant, Caffe Biaggio.

Thursday, March 19th

Monday, March 16th, Governor Walz shut down restaurants in Minnesota.

We were forced to lay off 16 employees.

Saint Joseph's Day Free Buffet has been postponed indefinitely.

We are trying to do some takeout.

So far, day two, limited success.

I'm waiting for the evening orders in an hour or so...hopefully we'll get some.

Friday, March 20th

Day 3

Last week...Looking forward to Spring!

This week...Looking for customers.

Sunday, March 22th

Day 5

We were going to have our annual Saint Joseph's Day Free Buffet today, but we'll have to postpone it until June, or so...

We wont be cancelling it, we'll just have it a little later this year.

Saturday night was better...lots of friends and regular guests supporting us

by Carrying Out!

We've updated our Carry-Out Menu for tomorrow...

See you later!

Thursday, March 26th

Day 10...I think

Business was better today than yesterday.

Last night we had 2 carry-out orders.

Today was much better.

Today I am dumbstruck at the generosity of people.

Strangers, neighbors and regulars alike.

Thank you

We'll rally for the weekend, and have some Specials!

Stay tuned.

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