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Saint Joseph's Day

Please join us for--

On Sunday, March 24th this year, we are again serving our annual Saint Joseph’s Day buffet, when we feed all who come, for free. This is a tradition started by John's mother—Mama D, at her restaurant “Sammy D’s” in Dinkytown in the 1960’s. This will be the 56th year of the tradition.

This is a traditional celebration in the Italian community, marked by families opening their home and table to friends and neighbors in the community. Neighbors would go from home to home enjoying the hospitality of all.

This event will be held in memory of Mama D, and her son, my late partner,

John D'Agostino.
Doors will open at 1:00 pm and we will serve until all are fed. Everyone welcome. 

Monetary donations for charities are accepted. All donations will be divided between local charities and needy families.
Any remaining foodstuffs will be given to Visitation Monastery. 


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